Welcome to the Picker's Den. I started this site to reach out to collectors and dealers of antiques, vintage goodies and cool retro collectibles, decor & more.
I've been in the business since I was 5 years old & have always had a knack for turning up quality finds. Over the years I've sourced and supplied export porcelain & pottery, period furniture, Bohemian glass & a myriad of items to collectors around the world.

Pottery & Porcelain on The Pickers Den

Pottery & porcelain have always been one of my specialties and I love placing Limoges, Asian Export, Royal Worcestershire & other fine pieces in loving homes.

American Art Pottery ~ Roseville, McCoy & More!

Long a favorite of mine, I've watched the valuations on American Art Pottery fluctuate but one thing remains true; the best pieces appreciate in value.

The Pickers Den on EBay

In the coming weeks & months you'll be able to find some of our prize finds on EBay; where we started, online, over a decade ago.