Vintage Country Toolbox ~ Planter, Spicebox or...

This handmade toolbox was put together sometime in the 1920's, as far as we can tell ( and we have some provenance ) and has survived the test of decades.
16 inches long, 6 3/4 inches high (on the sides) and 7 1/4in. deep, this vintage toolbox is perfectly proportioned for use as a planter or organizer for spices, utensials or what have you.

None other Like This...
Antique, handmade toolbox

Original, Authentic...
1920's handmade toolbox

Original Paint
American classsic, vintage 3-bin toolbox

Original finish and as found

A Planter? Sure!
Let you imagination run WILD!

Fits 5" Pots, Nicely

Our Price: $58.00